nani IRO

Ympari Pocho - Linen

Composition 100% Linen
Width 106-110 cm
Weight 164 g/m2
Fabric type Woven plain
Brand nani IRO
Stretch No stretch
Item number EGX-11211-1D

Finnish-based artists Anu Tuominen and Naomi Ito collaborated on each other's works to create a new textile.

The luxurious 100% linen fabric has a subdued color with hand-painted dots lined up in a circle.
The quality is a medium-weight linen, which is perfect for dresses, shirts and skirts.
In addition, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as interiors and bags.

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Country of origin:
  • Japan


We recommend to always pre-wash (and dry) your fabric the same way you intend to wash your finished garment. Overlock or zigzag raw edges to avoid fraying.

5-8% shrinkage must be calculated when washing.

  • Don't wash fabric in a laundry bag (!), and wash large fabric pieces separately
  • Machine wash at max 40 dg.
  • Use a setting with low spinning and don't overload the machine
  • Hang to dry or dry flat
  • You can tumble dry linen, but be aware that it might shrink more and fade the color
  • Iron on low to medium temperature
  • To soften the fibers after hanging to dry, you can give it a short 5 min. spin in the tumbledryer with a damp towel

As one of the most natural fabrics known, linen is a pure joy to wear, boasting comfort and breathability.

The Japanese linen is particularly known for an extra fine character with long fibers, a silky soft touch with a smooth, lint-free texture. 
It has been subject to minimal washing and treatment, to make the most of the natural texture, and allow it to get softer the more it is washed and worn.


nani IRO is the brand name of the renowned Japanese artist Naomi Ito, where her watercolor paintings are transformed to textiles with an innovative and pioneering approach to combining art and textile design.
The collections are made on a various base of fabric types, like double gauze, linen and linen/cotton blends.
The designs are beautifully composed with inspiration from Japanese nature and culture, added a poetic and painterly touch of comtemporary elegance. 

The nani IRO fabrics are manufactured by KOKKA. 

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3.4 in stock
nani IRO