Merchant & Mills

The Landgate

Pattern type Full size paper pattern
Language Instructions in English
Choose size range UK 8-18 (EU 36-46)
Measurements See measurements table among images
Fabric usage See details among images
Seam allowance Seam allowance included
Item number MM-1034
The Landgate from Merchant & Mills is a unisex pattern for a cool and functional anorak with hood and a beautiful oversize collar. It works well whether you choose to use canvas, denim, oilskin, linen or soft wool. The pattern is a paper pattern in full size with sizes 36-46. See fabric consumption etc. on the image to the left. The patterns from Merchant & Mills are designed by Carolyn Denham, the woman behind Merchant & Mills. She designs each pattern from scratch, based on an idea and an ordinary sewing machine. The models are characterized by classic simple cut without superfluous detail and unnecessary complexity.
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9 in stock