REMNANT 20x130 // Tencel Stretch Twill - Lapis

Composition 98% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 2% Elastane
Weight 240 g/m2
Stretch 8-10% (elastic)
Item number AFK-MM-04110-2

Tencel Stretch Twill is a light to medium weigth Tencel twill, added a bit of elastane to give a soft, delicious and comfortable stretch. It has a beautiful matte texture with a lovely peachy soft finish, which also adds depth and vibrance to the color.
It has a soft drape with a rich and full structure, and the creasing is minimal.

Tencel Stretch Twill is a perfect basic, which is great for both trousers, dresses, blouses, skirts and light jackets. You can choose to use the stretch when you make trousers or skirts, or you can choose to just have it as an extra level of comfort, when you make dresses blouses etc.

Opposite some of the other Tencel qualities from the meet MILK collection, this quality is not as delicate, when it comes to washing. We still recommend delicate wash with max 900 rpm and max 30 dg., but it is more durable when it comes to handle it when it's wet, and it is less prone to white creasing marks from the machine wash.

Tencel Stretch Twill is a part of our sustainable collection for meet MILK where exclusively present materials and fibres that sustainable.
Tencel is a regenerated fiber, which is made of wood pulp from sustainably certified beech and eucalyptus. The cellulose fibres from the wood are made into fibres that can be spun and woven. This all happens in a closed loop production process, with no waste, since all water, energy etc. are reused or re-processed

The composition of the natural fibres from the wood makes Tencel very comfortable to wear. It is soft and breathable, and it has a great ability to absorb moisture and transport it away from the body. From natures hand, the fibres are anti-bacterial, and Tencel requires less washing than fx cotton. Since it is natural fibres, Tencel doesn't get static, and it won't cling to the body.

Tencel from our meet MILK collection is Lenzing certified, so the sustainability is guaranteed.

Please note that this fabric is onely 120 cm wide, so you might need to calculate a little extra meterage, if your pattern defines the fabric usage based on fabric that s 140 cm wide.

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  • Certified according to standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Made with LENZING™ certified TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers

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