Tailor's Pillow

Item number SEP-5671

Exclusive handmade Tailor's pillow (or ham) filled with wood shavings, which effectively conducts steam moisture away from the fabric when the work is done.

The Tailor's pillow is an indispensable tool, when you need to press soft curves, so you can get the optimal finish without creases and folds.

The Tailor's pillow is wrapped with cotton fabric that stretches a bit, so it works perfectly with the filling without creasing.

The Tailor's pillow is made to fit perfectly on top of our Tailor's Board, so it is raised from the table or ironing board. If you want, you can put a strap around to hold it in place - or a small piece of velcro.

The Tailor's pillow is around 34 cm long, 12 cm wide and 8 cm high.

14 in stock
14 in stock