Soft Top Tailor's board

Item number SEP-5678

Exclusive handmade 'Tailor's board' in ash with a soft top pillow.

The Tailor's board is is an indispensable tool, when you need to press collars, edges, seam allowances, pockets, etc. Besides the point presser shape, it has different edges and curves, so you can get optimal finish when you press your work - whether your seam is straight or curved.

Ash is hardwood and has a good ability to absorb moisture, so the steam from the iron wont stay in the fabric when the work is done. Your Tailor's Board works as a 'ham' as well when you use the soft top, filled with pressed wood shavings.


The wood used to make your Tailor's board is FSC certified.

Dimensions: 34 cm long, 15 cm wide, 15 cm high.

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