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Stripe Sava Sweat - Dark Navy/Frog with TENCEL™ Modal + Organic Cotton

Composition 48% TENCEL™ Modal, 48% Organic Cotton, 4% Elastane
Width 165 cm
Weight 220 g/m2
Fabric type Sweater knit
Certificate Certified according to standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Made with LENZING™ certified TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers
Stretch 35-40% (elastic)
Item number MM-9742

Sava Sweat is a light to medium weight knit fabric with a fluffy fleeced brushed back and a luxurious soft touch.

The combination of TENCEL™ Modal and cotton fibers (added elastane for better stretch and recovery) ensures a versatile, very comfortable and easy to wear knit.

Perfect for sweaters, cardigans, joggers and tees.

The stripes are yarn dyed, which means that the colors is all the way through with no white back.

Sava Sweat is available in different print design and yarn dyed stripes - check below for the entire collection.

4.3 meter in stock
  • Certified according to standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Made with LENZING™ certified TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers

Country of origin:
  • Turkey


We recommend to always pre-wash (and dry) your fabric the same way you intend to wash your finished garment. Overlock or zigzag raw edges before wash to avoid fraying.

5-8% shrinkage must be calculated when washing.

  • Don't wash fabric in a laundry bag (!), and wash large pieces of fabric separately
  • Machine wash at max 40 dg.
  • Hang to dry or lay flat
  • Tumble dryer is OK, but note that the fabric might shrink more, and colors will probably fade
  • Iron on low to medium setting

TENCEL™ Modall is a regenerated cellulosic fiber made from wood as raw material (like viscose).
The advantages of fabric made with TENCEL™ Modal are many: 

  • Silky smooth feel
  • Light fluid drape
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Great color retention so colors won't wash out
  • Less creasing compared to most viscose and cotton fabrics
  • High comfort
  • Natural breathability
  • Extra soft touch to the skin
  • Anti-static fibers that won’t cling to your body
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Outstanding moisture management

TENCEL™ Modal fibers are also known for being an important contributor in the development of a more sustainable textile industry by setting new standards for more responsibly sourced and produced fibers.
The production of modal fibers starts with the wood (mostly beech or spruce), which is first dissolved to pulp, and then decomposed to cellulosic fibers that can be spun to different types of yarn, and then used for knitting or weaving fabric.
The TENCEL™ branded modal fibers are manufactured by the company Lenzing, and you can only call it TENCEL™ Modall if it comes from them. Otherwise it is ‘just’ modal. 
What’s special about the TENCEL™ Modal fibers (compared to the conventional modal fiber) is that Lenzing is renowned for their award-winning closed loop production process with high chemical recovery rates, treatment and purification of waste water, and use of responsibly sourced raw materials, where the wood is primarily derived from FSC® and PEFC™ certified responsible forestry.


meetMILK designs and produces a range of collections primarily made with TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers.
Simple and uncomplicated design is the core design philosophy, where each collection is developed through the work with different weaving, knitting and finishing techniques.
The vision is to put responsibly produced fabric on the agenda and make it accessible and available to everyone.

The colors are designed to match across all collections, both fabric, buttons, zippers and ribbons. Be aware, however, that different fibers, techniques, and finishing methods may cause some colors to differ slightly, so there is no 100% color matching guarantee across all collections and qualities.

  • All prices are pr meter, unless otherwise indicated
  • To order, simply add the amount in meter by entering fx 1,5 or 2,25
  • All orders are sent withihn 1-2 days, often we ship same day as you order
  • We offer 14 days return on all (non-discounted) products - also fabric that is cut to length!


Colors can look different in different light and on different screens. We do our best to show them as accurate as possible, but if you want to make sure that the color is exactly as you image, we recommend to order a sample. It's easy to order samples with the 'Order sample' button on all products.

4.3 in stock
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