Silhouette Blouse

Pattern type Full size paper pattern
Language Instructions in English
Measurements See measurements table among images
Fabric usage See details among images
Seam allowance Seam allowance included

In this pattern we have combined the SILHOUETTE blouse with the TRUMPET sleeve. 
The SILHOUETTE blouse sewing pattern offers a fitted design with princess seams and a front hook closure in the front. 
The TRUMPET sleeve has a slight trumpet effect and a high cuff with two layers and front slits (if you don't want the slit the manual will guide you through).

The SILHOUETTE blouse fits all Puff and Pencil’s sleeves for blouses and dresses. None of Puff and Pencil’s collars fits this pattern.

The pattern comes with
- All sizes from XXS-XXL
- Layplan
- An easy step by step guided manual with illustrations and QR code for video guidance
- Manual and pattern in English only
- All packed in a colorful, coated envelope

Body measurement table
XXS: Bust: 76 cm, Waist: 60 cm, Hips 84 cm
XS: Bust: 80 cm, Waist: 64 cm, Hips 88 cm
S: Bust: 84 cm, Waist: 68 cm, Hips 92 cm
M: Bust: 92 cm, Waist: 76 cm, Hips 100 cm
L: Bust: 100 cm, Waist: 84 cm, Hips 108 cm
XL: Bust: 110 cm, Waist: 94 cm, Hips 118 cm
XXL: Bust: 122 cm, Waist: 106 cm, Hips 128 cm

The model in the photos is approx. 178 cm tall and is wearing a size S.

Final garment measurements of blouse
XXS: bryst: 83 cm, talje: 68 cm, Hips: 89 cm, Længde: 55 cm
XS: bryst: 87 cm, talje: 71 cm, Hips: 92 cm, Længde: 57 cm
S: bryst: 91 cm, talje: 76 cm, Hips: 97 cm, Længde: 58 cm
M: bryst: 98 cm, talje: 83 cm, Hips: 105 cm, Længde: 60 cm
L: bryst: 107 cm, talje: 91 cm, Hips: 114 cm, Længde: 62 cm
XL: bryst: 117 cm, talje: 102 cm, Hips: 124 cm, Længde: 64 cm
XXL: bryst: 128 cm, talje: 114 cm, Hips: 135 cm, Længde: 66 cm

Final garment measurements of sleeve
XXS: Upper arm: 31 cm, Trumpet start: 26 cm, Wrist: 37 cm
XS: Upper arm: 33 cm, Trumpet start: 28 cm, Wrist: 38 cm
S: Upper arm: 35 cm, Trumpet start: 30 cm, Wrist: 40 cm
M: Upper arm: 38 cm, Trumpet start: 32 cm, Wrist: 42 cm
L: Upper arm: 40 cm, Trumpet start: 34 cm, Wrist: 45 cm
XL: Upper arm: 43 cm, Trumpet start: 38 cm, Wrist: 48 cm
XXL: Upper arm: 46 cm, Trumpet start: 40 cm, Wrist: 50 cm

Fabric recommendations and fabric usage
The pattern is designed for woven fabrics. If you are looking for a crisp look, opt for a fabric that has some structure and does not drape too softly. For a more elegant and feminine look, choose fabric that drapes beautifully. If you're unsure about fabric selection, fabric types such as poplin, woven viscose, and cotton twill all work well for this blouse.

Fabric usage for fabric widths of 145 cm:
For the SILHOUETTE blouse:
XXS - S: 80 cm
M - L: 115 cm
XL - XXL: 130 cm

For the TRUMPET sleeve:
XXS - XL: 75 cm
XXL: 95 cm

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