Ikatee is a French sewing pattern company who guarantees comfort and quality. 

Ikatee offers a lovely and diverse range of patterns for both kids, babies and women. Ikatee helps beginner and more advanced sewing fans to express their passion for fashion and children's clothing. All patterns include simple, easy to follow explanations and tutorials.

With Ikatee’s sewing patterns and tutorials, you can create unique and personal clothing for all ages.


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  1. Ikatee
    Paris Shirt (3-12Y)
  2. Ikatee
    Sam Parka (6M-4Y)
  3. Ikatee
    Violette Dress (3-12Y)
  4. Ikatee
    Sam Parka (3-12Y)
  5. Ikatee
    Majorque Dress (3-12Y)
  6. Ikatee
    Lena Dress (3-12Y)
  7. Ikatee
    Avana pants (3-12Y)
  8. Ikatee
    Irma Cardigan (Mum)
  9. Ikatee
    Irma Cardigan (3-12)
  10. Ikatee
    Peony Top (3-12)
  11. Ikatee
    Milano Dress (3-12Y)
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