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Organic Biased Interlock - Faded Blue

Composition 83% Organic Cotton, 12% Polyester, 5% Nylon
Width 160 cm
Weight 330 g/2
Stretch 30-35% (non-elastic)
Item number LX2204

Organic Biased Interlock from mind the MAKER is a nice double sided interlock jersey which, on one side has a diagonal texture, and a plain interlock on the other side. Both sides can be used - seperately, or together where you use one side for main fabric and the other for contrasting pieces.

It is slightly heavier and thicker than a regular interlock, and it has a firm non-elastic stretch, which means that it stretches a bit, not much and not elastic.

It's great for a sweater, blouse, dress or soft trousers/skirts, where you want it to be to soft and comfortable without elastic stretch.

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