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nani IRO - Seasonal clothes for the year (Japanese)

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Please note that the book is in Japanese only!

The book includes 18 projects ranging from simple clothes for everyday wear, interesting designs that are a special and unique, and it comes with full-scale patterns for 4 sizes – S,M,L and 2L.

Three years have passed since the previous sewing book "ATELIER to nani IRO's sewing closet". In the meantime, I packed the ideas of adult clothes that I had warmed up into a new sewing book.

fun of matching the shape with the cloth has been devised, and from the ingenious sewing proposal, the shape that fits around the four seasons is comfortable to wear, and it has become a garment that we would like to recommend to people of all ages.
In real life, we have posted designs that are useful for everyday use, slightly special scenes, proposals with new challenges, and arrangements of popular patterns in the previous issue. It is a fulfilling volume that you want to open the page as many times as you like throughout the four seasons.
"It's fresh when you wear it like this" "This style is a wonderful combination!" I would be happy if you could.

What is handicraft "sewing"?
The crush when choosing your favorite cloth, your own imagination to match the shape with the cloth, and the dramatic time to put in the pounding scissors and move your hands to finish each part and gradually finish it into clothes.
If you immerse yourself in sewing while thinking about the next season, your sensibility will be stimulated and you will continue to have a wealth of ways to meet the "new me." I hope you will use this book as an opportunity.

Sewing anytime, from spring to summer and from autumn to winter.
Even with the same pattern, we introduce items that you can enjoy all year round, such as changing the material and changing the dress. The colors, patterns, and materials that suit each season are expressed with visuals and messages that are gently applied to the flow of the year.
The model was Miwako Ichikawa, an actress and model who has both dignity and charm as an adult. Miwako's presence was a big reason why I wanted to make the year a story.

From beginners to advanced users.
From simple and introductory smocks and dresses that you can easily make and have a sense of accomplishment, to bottoms that are worthwhile with elaborate details, and dress dresses, you can fully enjoy making and dressing in one day. You can taste it.
We also introduce sewing arrangements by the atelier staff, so please open the page many times and use it as a hint for your own creation.

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