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Size EU 34-46
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A beautiful long dress, light, which swirls up to the calves, so wise in front with its flat pleats on the skirt and a wise neckline and yet from the back....a marvellous neckline assured by a perfectly studied wallet! But Leaf is also a charming little top, with just the right neckline and back buttoning, and always its delicate front with a small slit (or not!), and small sleeves with a lapel for a relaxed look without looking like one.


- For the dress, 2m90 of fabric for the mid-calf length, 2m60 for the knee length.
- For the top version 1m20 of fabric for a fabric width of 140 cm.
- 5 buttons from 10 to 12 mm for the back of the top.
- Straight iron-on thread to reinforce the facing and prevent the opening of your back wallet bust that is in the direction of the bias from slackening.
- To close your neckline in front of you you can use a clip, a ribbon, a small button covered with a strap....

CHOICE OF FABRIC: viscose, cotton, satin, crepe, lace and you can contrast or not your facing because it is the lapel of your little sleeves, so have fun!

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3 in stock
Maison Fauve