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Le 802 A+B - Sleeveless Jeans-style jacket/coat

Pattern type Full size paper pattern
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Item number DP-802
"The inspiration of this model comes straight from the jeans world.
The long coat has all the details and styling of the legendary jeans jacket on the top half with the classic topstitching in a contrast colour for the pocket flaps on the front.
The other jeans jacket codes are present, such as the visible buttoning and closed collar with collar stand.
With this pattern you can make either the legendary short jeans jacket or the full-length coat, the latter being proposed here in a sleeveless version for a more summery feel.
Cottons or tencels are recommended and both fluid and slightly stiffer fabrics are possible, depending on whether you want to create a slouchy or structured look.
For the jeans jacket version, denim seems the obvious choice but other fabrics are possible, as long as they have a certain hold."
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