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Le 504 - Loose Sweatshirt

Pattern type Full size paper pattern
Language Instructions in French and English
Size EU 36-48
Measurements See measurements table among images
Fabric usage See details among images
Seam allowance Seam allowance included
Item number DP-504
"This sweatshirt-style top is given extra fantasy at the hem edge. The rib stops at a certain point and a pleated effect takes over, bringing a dynamic feel and extra movement. A drawstring cord tightens the bottom of the model and increases its “puffball” volume. The sleeves are also given extra style with their band of contrasting fabric and colour, on top of which two different widths of braid are sewn. Choose sweatshirt-type fabrics, namely brushed cottons, neoprene etc…" - Difficulty: 1/3 - The pattern includes sizes 36-48. - Sewing instructions in English and French with very detailed illustrations and step-by-step guiding. - See info about fabric usages on image to the left. dp Studio is founded by French Dominique Pellen. With his team of professionals and passionated people from the fashion industry, he creates patterns with styles and cuts in a modern and creative atmosphere. Dominique Pellen has a long career in the fashion industry, as a consultant for some of the largest fashion houses and as a teacher at Chamber Syndicate de le Couture Parisienne. After more than 25 years in the fashion industry, Dominique Pellen has developed a method called 'Womenswear Patternmaking, flat-pattern drafting", where his mission is to make his experience from the fashion industry accessible to everyone who wants to work with creating patterns and make their own clothes. His method is released in 3 books (, and also brought to live in each pattern. If you wish to take a dive into the technical details of the method, you'll find a range of downloadable documents here (some are free, and some cost a bit): You'll also find basic patterns, which you can use to develop your own designs:
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