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Kielo Wrap Dress & Jumpsuit New version!

Pattern type Full size paper pattern
Language Instructions in English
Size EU 32-56
Measurements See measurements table among images
Fabric usage See details among images
Seam allowance Seam allowance included
Item number NC-KIELON

The Kielo dress and jumpsuit are wonderfully casual, yet stylish pieces of clothing! You can sew both variations either with or without sleeves. The dress has a neck band, and a vent at the back hem to add room for movement. The armholes of a sleeveless dress are finished with a bias binding. There is a vent with a button closure at the back of the jumpsuit, and its neckline is finished with a facing.

Fabric suggestions
For all variations, use a drapey but sturdy jersey that stretches about 30 – 50%. The garment has quite a bit of volume, so make sure your jersey isn’t too stretchy and heavy, as it can lose its shape and change the proportions of the garment. 

This pattern comes with plenty of ease. Choose your size according to the full bust measurement. 

Materials & supplies:

- Dress: Fusible knit interfacing, 160 cm (1¾ yd)
- Dress: Stay tape, 30 cm (12”)
- Sleeveless dress: Knit bias binding, 140 cm (1½ yd)
- Sleeved jumpsuit: Fusible knit interfacing, 160 cm (1¾ yd)
- Sleeveless jumpsuit: Fusible knit interfacing, 200 cm (2¼ yd)
- Jumpsuit: Thin ribbon for button loop, 10 cm (4”)
- Jumpsuit: Small button, 1 pc

Note that for patterned or napped fabrics the fabric requirement may be higher.

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5 in stock
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