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Kid Mohair - Lyseblå (340)

Item number KC-KID-MOHAIR-Lyseblå (340)

Kid Mohair is a light, fine yarn , which appears exclusive with its glossy and soft surface. The combination of the kid mohair fibers and the silk ensures that it is warm at the same time yarn . Kid Mohair comes from the Angora goat, which lives in Turkey. As the yarn is loosely spun, it is lovely soft, but may fray a little at first.

Kid Mohair is a suitable yarn to mix with other yarn qualities such as Merino or Highland Mini.

70% super kid mohair and 30% mulberry Silk

25 gram / 210 meter

21-27 stitches on needle size 2,5-4,5 mm = 10 cm.

We recommend that you wash your knit by hand in lukewarm water. Always apply wool detergent.

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10 in stock
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