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Handmade wooden seam ripper (+extra blade)

Item number M-8001

The wood has grown, been cut down, dried, turned and refined in Denmark - and has become the finest handle for a seam ripper, that is not only beautiful to look at, but very useful.

The blade can be removed and stored in the handle so it is not damaged (or make damage) when not in use.
An extra knife is included so you can enjoy the handle for a long time, since you simply insert the new knife when the other one is dull.

The handles are made in different types of wood, and each one is unique. The handle comes with blades in either gold or chrome.

Please note that the blade can be a little tight to get in at he beginning

NOTE: Write in the comments section or the order if you have any wishes for the wood color (light, dark, reddish, brown etc) and then we will do our best to live it.  

It is, of course possible to buy extra blades, when the first two are dull. 

5 in stock
5 in stock