Fruity Slipover designed for Fluff

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Yarn type Pop Merino
Language(s) English, German, Norwegian, Swedish

Cute and Fluffy slipover with strawberries or lemons. Knitted top to bottom.  Fruits are knitted in. A bit short fit, broad rib in arms and neckline. Split in rib body.
On model size M in Fluff main color Candy Pop pink, Berrylicious (strawberries), Pine Forest (stem) and  Lemonade (spots).

Size and measurements
Length: 45 (48) 53cm
Width: 98 (106) 133 cm
Fitting: Choose a size that is  + 5-10 cm your width. You can also choose a wider model, it is also nice oversized.

Main color: 4 (4) 4 balls
Color fruit 1 (1) 1 ball
Color stem 1 (1) 1 ball
Color spots  1 (1) 1 ball

Main color: 4 (4) 4 balls
Color fruit  2( 2) 2 balls
Color stem 1 (1) 1 ball

Size after needles used to knit.
Str XS/S knitted on needlesize 5 mm, M on needle 6 mm, and L/XL on needlesize 7 mm.
Circular 60 cm.  Short circular 40 cm for ribb arms and neckline.
Rib str XS/S: Needlesize 4,5 and 4 mm, s M : Needlesize 5 and 4,5 mm, L/XL: Needlesize 6 og 5 mm. Short circular.

Needlesize 5, 6 or 7 mm.  Short circular needle (40 cm) for arm, 80 cm for body.

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47 in stock