mind the MAKER

Fine Linen Knit - Creamy White

Light and soft linen knit in the finest quality, with a beautiful, semi-matte surface. It doesn't contain elastane, so you get the pleasure of 100% natural linen. It can be stretched, but be aware that it is not elastic, The light knit is a bit transparent without being directly see-through.

It is perfect for light blouses, tops and light dresses, where you want something that is soft, breathable and extremely comfortable to wear.

We recommend that you wash before use, as it shrinks the first time you wash it. Wash it gently so that it stays beautiful for a long time. A linen knit like this can tend to pull on the bias when you wash and work with it. If necessary, tack the fabric piece together before washing so that it does not skew in the machine - and make sure to dry it as flat as possible (don't hang it on a line). A little spin in the dryer can also be a good help to both straighten and soften the fibers after washing.

We always cut a little extra so you have enough to straighten it according to the thread direction.

The linen knit is part of our mind the MAKER collection, and the flax fibers have the Europan Flax certificate, which means that they come from flax production in northern France, Belgium or the Netherlands, where flax grows under optimal conditions, completely naturally and environmentally responsible.

Brand mind the MAKER
Composition 100% Linen
Certificate OEKO-TEX® 100, European Flax ®
Width 140 cm
Weight 145 g/m2
Shrinkage 2-5%
Wash & care 30 deg.
Item number LX3805
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6 in stock
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