Maison Fauve

Dandelion Jacket

Pattern type Full size paper pattern
Language Instructions in French and English
Size EU 34-52
Measurements See measurements table among images
Fabric usage See details among images
Seam allowance Seam allowance included
Item number MF-DANDELION

The DANDELION jacket leaves nothing to chance, and it's a combination of details that gives it a crazy allure. It borrows the codes of the bomber with its precisely measured volume, of the biker jacket in the design of its enhanced waistband, and of the chic paletot with its buttons, back pleats and collar that nicely hugs the neck.

Its 3 pocket versions will allow you to revisit this pretty pattern in a wide range of materials, making it sporty, elegant or casual... A classic you'll love for a long time!


2 in stock
2 in stock
Maison Fauve