Premium Thread Scissors - 5" (12 cm)

Item number PAUL-5

- Rustfree stainless steel
- Dual-surface special grind, special blade facet cutting edge 
- Unbreakable, ergonomic plastic handles
- Adjustable screw connection
- Comfortable handling due to  their asymmetrical handles
- High cutting performance

Whether for professional use or for hobbyists, this scissors is perfect for all kinds of needlework. The tapered, pointy tips allow the thread scissors to accurately and cleanly cut fabric edges, yarn, seams and fine fabrics with a minimum of effort.

The rust-free stainless steel blades have a dual-surface special grind, which makes them extremely durable and ideal for professional use. The break-proof plastic handles are injection-moulded directly on to the blades for a sturdy and hygienic connection. The handles are symmetrically formed and enable a convenient handling. The screw connection is adjustable and always provides the correct tension setting.

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