Premium Fabric Scissors - 9" (23 cm)

Item number PAUL-9

- Rustfree stainless steel
- Dual-surface special grind, special blade facet cutting edge 
- Unbreakable, ergonomic plastic handles
- Adjustable screw connection
- Comfortable handling due to  their asymmetrical handles
- High cutting performance
This model is asymmetrically formed: The lower blade lies straight and with its entire length on the work surface during cutting to ensure that the fabric is not lifted and does not shift. 

The dual-surface facet grind makes this fabric or tailor scissors exceptionally sharp and enjoyable to use. The sturdy rust-free stainless steel blades create a high-quality tool for frequent use and challenging tasks.

The ergonomically shaped plastic handles are impact-resistant and have one small and one large eye, which is big enough for up to four fingers and efficiently transfers the force from the hand to the blades.
The screw connection of the textile scissors is adjustable and guarantees the correct tension setting, smooth cutting motion and durable cutting performance.

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