Anna Skirt designed for Hip Mohair

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Yarn type Hip Mohair
Language(s) English, German, Norwegian
Item number HIP-ANNA

Knitting pattern for womens skirt. Beautiful knitted skirt in 3 strands Hip Mohair. Knitted top to bottom, perfect for adjusting length. Split in back. Elastic waistband. Pattern for short or long version.  Long version to mid leg, short skirt just below knees.
On pictures short skirt in black (size S on model size XS/S) in «Black is back» Hip Mohair.
Colorful version, long (size M on model size XS/S and size M): Bubblegum pink (waist top), Blooming Lilac, Jelly bean green, Oh la la orange, Raspberry, Berrylicious Hip Mohair.
You also need an elastic waistband 3 cm . Can be found in hobby- and yarnshops.

XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
Width :  63 (67) 72 (78) 86 (94) cm (Without waistband. Choose a size same as yours width around waist / where you would wear skirt)
Length short version: 63 (65) 67 (69) 71 (73 (74) cm
Length long version: 81 (83) 85 (87) 88) 90 cm

XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
Colorful:  3 (3) 3 (3) 3 (3)  balls each color, long and short version. 6 different colors.
One color: 9 (9) 9 (12) 12 (12) balls for short version,  3 (3) 3 (3) 3 (3) extra for the long version

Knitting gauge: 20 m x 23 omg = 10 x 10 cm on needlesize 4,5 mm
Needles: Long circular (60 cm)  4,5 mm, 4 mm and 3 mm.

PLEASE NOTE: This pattern is free and ONLY available with purchase of yarn from HipKnitShop.

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50 in stock