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The story of METERMETER

METERMETER is a modern fabric store with a hand-picked selection of beautiful contemporary fabrics, patterns and sewing supplies.

We are very conscious about quality and style, and we only sell fabric which we can vouch for and would use ourselves.

Our fabric is handpicked from a range of international designers and manufacturers, providing high quality fabric for dressmaking.
We put a lot of effort into choosing fabric with designs, which, despite the difference between each of the collections, is always harmonious, beautiful and stylish.

When we are able to get our hands on fabrics, which are produced through sustainable methods or even organic fabric, this is an added bonus and something we are willing to go a long way to procure.

We are very conscious of which kind of materials and types of fabric we offer in our webshop, and we make a point of describing the fabric and take good pictures, so you have the best opportunities to buy the right fabric for your next sewing project - and we will help you with good advice and guiding if you need it.

The story of METERMETER starts a few years back, when I got the idea that I wanted to create my own wardrobe from scratch - and by create, I mean to sew it all by myself. I didn't have much experience with sewing at the time, but I had the will and the courage to throw myself into the project and learn the craft. My mother have always sewn, and for years she has had a little fabric store along with her professional sewing room, so I had a helping hand when I started my project.

I quickly realized that the clothes I wanted to sew should look like the clothes, I would normally go out and buy. It should be high-quality materials and beautiful, timeless, simple designs that would fit the stylish and trendy side of fashion - and above all else, it shouldn't scream HOME-MADE.

I began to stubbornly track down several smaller designers and manufacturers of quality materials and great designs, and the result is the selection you meet in METERMETER shop today.

And I'm not even finished yet :-)

Regaring my own wardrobe; I'm not finished yet, but I enjoy taking time out of schedule for my own sewing projects, even though I am spending most of my time ensuring the selection of all the best fabrics for all of you and your wardrobes. - while spreading the message that it never pays to lower your standards when it comes to quality and good style.


Who are we?

Now I said I and we sometimes, so now I should probably tell who I am and we are :-)

My name is Pia and I’m in charge of all purchases and all online activities in the shop, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Fabric and all the wonderful things you can create with it have become my great passion, and I enjoy every moment of my time with METERMETER. When I'm not keeping busy with METERMETER, I’m the mother of two small children, and I work as a digital project manager as well.

My mother, Jytte, is the second half of the "we" here at METERMETER. She runs a professional sewing workroom with two employees. Besides that she helps cutting and packing, and she helps sewing when it comes to testing new fabrics and patterns. Her professional competence as a tailor is an indispensable supplement to my more autodidactic approach to the subject.

If you want to say something or ask us anything, whether it be a request for new fabrics that you wish we had in stock or anything else, you are always welcome to write us at stofbutik@metermeter.dk .


----- Pia & Jytte -----